The Origin Of Custom Military Coins

To be able to provide services to the people, and to the nation as a whole, will always be deemed a most respected profession. This is why those in the military is always looked up to. They risk their lives to make sure that the nation is free from any form danger. They sacrifice being away from their families in order to make sure that the citizens will be able to sleep soundly every night. They are heroes.

Following Are The Origin Of Custom Military Coins:

Of course, their sacrifice is not going unnoticed. Those who have shown excellent service and loyalty are awarded with custom military coins. These coins, aside from being presented as an award, are also a means by which the holder is identified.

Custom military coins contain the emblem of the unit that the recipient belongs to. It is widely known as a symbolic medallion of membership, and so it is required to be with his possessor at all times.

Military CoinsAlthough it has been widely become known to the masses through popular culture, this tradition of awarding deserving military officers and members with coins has been recognized even before the 1990s.

In fact, history tells us that soldiers of the Roman Empire would receive coins as a form of reward for their triumphs. But the most popular story dates back to saving a young soldier’s life in World War I.

It has been said that those who volunteered for the flying squadrons were wealthy young Americans. And in one unit, a lieutenant had bronze medallions made for his entire squadron. During an encounter with the enemy, he was shot down and stripped off all his identification. He was eventually able to escape to France, an ally.

However, the young soldier was sent for execution because the French thought he was a spy. Luckily, he still had his medallion with him, and one soldier was able to recognize the symbol it contained. Because of this, his execution was delayed and was able to confirm his identity. In due course, he was safely sent back home.

Since then, custom military coins has made its way as a form of membership to an elite organization and as a form of recognition. Those who have been rewarded are expected to carry them with pride. These coins were even used to challenge others from a different unit, which is why they are also called challenge coins.

Traditionally, the challenge would begin with a person presenting his coin to another. If the person challenged would fail to show the challenger his coin, he is obliged to buy the challenger a drink. However, if the challenged person is able to present his coin, then the challenger would be the one to buy him a drink. This challenge is believed to increase the morale of everyone in the military and to encourage them to bring their military coin at all times.

Nowadays, although the custom military coins first became known as a means to show membership to the prestigious armed forces, clubs and other civic organizations known to have start producing their own challenge coins to present to their members.

And in fact, presidents and vice presidents of the United States are known to have their own challenged coins. There is even a coin for each momentous event. For example, there are inaugural coins and commemorative coins, which represent each unique administration. These presidential coins were made available from 1993, while vice presidential coins were made available from 2001.

After all, humans, being social beings, will always want to feel that sense of belongingness. And these custom military coins can do exactly just that.