They say you must not judge a book by its cover, but you can judge a person through his lanyard.

Lanyards nowadays are no longer just about holding IDs and other attachments such as mobile phones, keys, and USBs.

It’s more than just an identification pass saying you are an employee of some company or you are a member of a particular group during an event. It could be more than just a promotional material.

printed-lanyardsBefore, the people you’re hanging out with define the type of person that you are. Today, many would say the number of and the price of your mobile phones, tablets, and other gadgets define you. But if one would look closely, one would learn that the top lanyard manufacturers are keeping up with the times. For lanyards, besides your gadgets, define you now.

The type of material used in a lanyard greatly affects how others see it and how they define the person wearing it. For instance, a person wearing a woven-type lanyard would appear rich. Why? He could just settle for a polyester lanyard with silkscreen print but instead, he chose to have his design embroidered into the string. This is obviously more costly, right? But why did he choose the one he would pay more even if both items would serve the same purpose? This is because he has more money to spare than anybody else does.

Next, you see someone wearing a lanyard with a reflective layer, usually neon colored. What type of person do you think he is? He could be an athlete or a traveler. Someone who prefers doing outdoor activities would choose to use this. The reflective lanyard, of course as the name implies, reflects light making it glow. This looks way cooler during a running or biking event. This also helps travelers especially during a camping night, as the reflective lanyard somewhat helps them get through the rough walk with little light on.

Have you ever seen a lanyard that looks like a fancy necklace? Some people prefer adding beads and other accessories to their strings, making them appear posh and elegant. This, obviously, belongs to the fashionable men and women of society. They opt to look stylish even in the smallest things. Of course, they buy fashionable tops, jeans, shoes, earrings, and bags, do you think they’ll let one string ruin the look? Absolutely not! This is why fashionable men and women who always wish to flaunt it, would never ever settle for a simple tubular or cord lanyard.

Then there are the ‘commoners’ – those who would wear a lanyard just because they need to. They’re after the usefulness of the lanyard as it is; they just want to wear their IDs properly. These people are further divided into two categories. First are the economical-commoners. These include those who wear low-cost lanyards such as polyester or cord. Next are the comfy-commoners. These people wear the most comfortable among all types of lanyards, the tubular.

Finally, there are the robots. These are those who wear lanyards just because they were ‘commanded’ to do so. Usually, the lanyards bear the logo of the company a person is working for. Of course, these robots would not have a say on the material to be used for the lanyard they would wear – this right is reserved for the ‘commander’. Usually these are the polyester lanyards but one can never tell.

So, next time you see a lanyard, don’t think of it as just a simple string. If you look closely, you’ll be surprised at how many meanings one can attach to one lanyard.

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The type of material used in a lanyard greatly affects how others see it and how they define the person wearing it. To know more about Landyards Visit : wholesalelanyards.