A Crash Course on Silicone Wristbands

Freedom of expression nowadays often comes in the form of a tweet or a Facebook status,  sometimes even frowned upon and so rarely is it received in the way that one hoped it would be. Some still find it rather hard to express themselves fully, even through the safety of a computer screen. Fortunately, the invention of silicone rubber, which is made from silicone elastomers and noted for its retention of flexibility, resilience, and tensile strength over a wide temperature range, gave birth to silicone wristbands.

These accessories made freedom of expression more freeing than ever. The wristbands come in  various designs and colors, and are very easily customized, so you’ll feel confident in having it wrapped around your wrist for long periods of time. Made from 100% silicone and  hypoallergenic, there is no risk of it causing irritation to the skin.

There are different types of silicone wristbands. The most popularly and commonly used are  the Debossed wristbands, in which the chosen words or phrases are recessed on the surface of  the bands, emanating a hollowed out effect and allowing for easy visibility.

Quite opposite are the Embossed wristbands, in which the words and designs are molded to protrude out of the band.

Color-filled wristbands, however, are similar to Debossed wristbands but instead of the  recessions being the same color with the rest of the band, they are in contrasting hues to  make the words stand out, making them even more eye catching.

Silicone WristbandsIf you want more intricate designs on your band, the Printed or Silk Screened wristbands are perfect for printing company logos or school insignias wherein the designs are printed directly on the band, the-wristband-factory.com allowing more detail and contrast. Segmented wristbands, however, provide more flexibility on the colors of the band itself, when you want two or more colors representing say, your country’s flag or your sports team. Take advantage of the easily customizable type of band because you’d want to get the best result straight out of your own imaginings.

If you’re into the whole tie-dyed color palette, do not fret because the Swirled wristbands are the perfect ones for you. After all, they’re unparalleled when it comes to having random patterns of fun. Choosing your own colors to dye the band, rest assured that it will come out as satisfying as you think it would be. You’re allowed to go crazy with this one. That’s right, you do you for best results.

If you’re thinking of nights out, cool party ideas or heck, even candlelit dinners, you might want to take note of glow-in-the-dark silicone wristbands. Yes, they glow in the dark.Imagine your wrist glowing, illuminating the night with their faint green hues while partying or relaxing outside with the crickets chirping in the background. In the light of day, they turn into normal personalized wristbands which is super cool, right? Your wristbands have double identities, like superheroes.

In life, there comes a time when familiarity, eventually, will bore you and the same old silicone wristbands might not look so tantalizing anymore. It happens. What you need are One-Inch wristbands, bigger than normal wristbands, for the purpose of molding accurate shapes of whatever you want to have printed. The question here is simple – why stick with the half-inch wristbands when you can have something bigger and better?

When you’re not really into the whole ‘bigger is better’ thing, there are Three-Quarter  wristbands, bigger than normal but not as overwhelmingly big as the one-inch wristbands. So you want to be in the middle, steadier part of life. That is understandable.

If you’re the more laidback type, they make wristbands just for you. Introducing the  Unprinted wristbands! They’re made from a blank mold and comes in different colors. So, if you just want to wear something colorful to match with your outfit of the day, you can. The  best part is when you change your mind and you want to have something printed on your  wristband, you can totally do so! With their sheer customizability, they’ll be perfect for  just about any use you come up with.

Isn’t it rad that wristbands, like people, come in all forms, and can be as colorful as each  kind of personality? Isn’t it liberating to wear something on your wrist that screams the  words you believe in, the things you are passionate about, for all the world to see? It’s  feels good to be part of something bigger, like wearing it for a cause, providing solace by making it known that you understand something other people are experiencing – love, loss,  suffering, friendship, solidarity, peace, sickness, and happiness. Expressing yourself, as  previously said, is not easy but showing you care, that you are going out of your way to  share something of yourself to others, by simple works of art, is as satisfying as it sounds.

The Origin Of Custom Military Coins

To be able to provide services to the people, and to the nation as a whole, will always be deemed a most respected profession. This is why those in the military is always looked up to. They risk their lives to make sure that the nation is free from any form danger. They sacrifice being away from their families in order to make sure that the citizens will be able to sleep soundly every night. They are heroes.

Following Are The Origin Of Custom Military Coins:

Of course, their sacrifice is not going unnoticed. Those who have shown excellent service and loyalty are awarded with custom military coins. These coins, aside from being presented as an award, are also a means by which the holder is identified.

Custom military coins contain the emblem of the unit that the recipient belongs to. It is widely known as a symbolic medallion of membership, and so it is required to be with his possessor at all times.

Military CoinsAlthough it has been widely become known to the masses through popular culture, this tradition of awarding deserving military officers and members with coins has been recognized even before the 1990s.

In fact, history tells us that soldiers of the Roman Empire would receive coins as a form of reward for their triumphs. But the most popular story dates back to saving a young soldier’s life in World War I.

It has been said that those who volunteered for the flying squadrons were wealthy young Americans. And in one unit, a lieutenant had bronze medallions made for his entire squadron. During an encounter with the enemy, he was shot down and stripped off all his identification. He was eventually able to escape to France, an ally.

However, the young soldier was sent for execution because the French thought he was a spy. Luckily, he still had his medallion with him, and one soldier was able to recognize the symbol it contained. Because of this, his execution was delayed and was able to confirm his identity. In due course, he was safely sent back home.

Since then, custom military coins has made its way as a form of membership to an elite organization and as a form of recognition. Those who have been rewarded are expected to carry them with pride. These coins were even used to challenge others from a different unit, which is why they are also called challenge coins.

Traditionally, the challenge would begin with a person presenting his coin to another. If the person challenged would fail to show the challenger his coin, he is obliged to buy the challenger a drink. However, if the challenged person is able to present his coin, then the challenger would be the one to buy him a drink. This challenge is believed to increase the morale of everyone in the military and to encourage them to bring their military coin at all times.

Nowadays, although the custom military coins first became known as a means to show membership to the prestigious armed forces, clubs and other civic organizations known to have start producing their own challenge coins to present to their members.

And in fact, presidents and vice presidents of the United States are known to have their own challenged coins. There is even a coin for each momentous event. For example, there are inaugural coins and commemorative coins, which represent each unique administration. These presidential coins were made available from 1993, while vice presidential coins were made available from 2001.

After all, humans, being social beings, will always want to feel that sense of belongingness. And these custom military coins can do exactly just that.


They say you must not judge a book by its cover, but you can judge a person through his lanyard.

Lanyards nowadays are no longer just about holding IDs and other attachments such as mobile phones, keys, and USBs.

It’s more than just an identification pass saying you are an employee of some company or you are a member of a particular group during an event. It could be more than just a promotional material.

printed-lanyardsBefore, the people you’re hanging out with define the type of person that you are. Today, many would say the number of and the price of your mobile phones, tablets, and other gadgets define you. But if one would look closely, one would learn that the top lanyard manufacturers are keeping up with the times. For lanyards, besides your gadgets, define you now.

The type of material used in a lanyard greatly affects how others see it and how they define the person wearing it. For instance, a person wearing a woven-type lanyard would appear rich. Why? He could just settle for a polyester lanyard with silkscreen print but instead, he chose to have his design embroidered into the string. This is obviously more costly, right? But why did he choose the one he would pay more even if both items would serve the same purpose? This is because he has more money to spare than anybody else does.

Next, you see someone wearing a lanyard with a reflective layer, usually neon colored. What type of person do you think he is? He could be an athlete or a traveler. Someone who prefers doing outdoor activities would choose to use this. The reflective lanyard, of course as the name implies, reflects light making it glow. This looks way cooler during a running or biking event. This also helps travelers especially during a camping night, as the reflective lanyard somewhat helps them get through the rough walk with little light on.

Have you ever seen a lanyard that looks like a fancy necklace? Some people prefer adding beads and other accessories to their strings, making them appear posh and elegant. This, obviously, belongs to the fashionable men and women of society. They opt to look stylish even in the smallest things. Of course, they buy fashionable tops, jeans, shoes, earrings, and bags, do you think they’ll let one string ruin the look? Absolutely not! This is why fashionable men and women who always wish to flaunt it, would never ever settle for a simple tubular or cord lanyard.

Then there are the ‘commoners’ – those who would wear a lanyard just because they need to. They’re after the usefulness of the lanyard as it is; they just want to wear their IDs properly. These people are further divided into two categories. First are the economical-commoners. These include those who wear low-cost lanyards such as polyester or cord. Next are the comfy-commoners. These people wear the most comfortable among all types of lanyards, the tubular.

Finally, there are the robots. These are those who wear lanyards just because they were ‘commanded’ to do so. Usually, the lanyards bear the logo of the company a person is working for. Of course, these robots would not have a say on the material to be used for the lanyard they would wear – this right is reserved for the ‘commander’. Usually these are the polyester lanyards but one can never tell.

So, next time you see a lanyard, don’t think of it as just a simple string. If you look closely, you’ll be surprised at how many meanings one can attach to one lanyard.

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The type of material used in a lanyard greatly affects how others see it and how they define the person wearing it. To know more about Landyards Visit : wholesalelanyards.

Renting to Own: When Is It a Good Idea?

Rent to own real estate properties, also called lease to own or lease option homes, provide a way for people to live in a house even if they do not qualify for a mortgage yet, or if they are not yet ready for an ownership commitment. This can be done for one to three years, after which the person who is renting the property will be given the option of buying the property.

real estateOwning rent to own real estate properties is not the most popular option out there, and with little demand for it, there are limited options for those who intend to go with this plan. Also, contracts for rent to own real estate properties tend to be more favorable towards the landlord, which obviously makes it disadvantageous to the renters.

Despite of all these, there are still some people who manage to happily purchase their own homes through this scheme. Here, we will be discussing the situations that make subscribing to a rent to own real estate plan a good idea, as well as important things you should know about renting to own.

Reasons for Renting to Own

The most common reason why people are considering renting to own is because they lack qualification for mortgages. What does this mean?

Nearly qualifying for a mortgage implies that certain factors related to you or to your finances are hindering your chances of qualifying for a mortgage. If any of the situations below describe you, renting to own might be the best option for you. Some of the factors that can affect your choice include:

•A bad credit score, which includes scores lower than the minimum qualifying score of 620, yet a continuous improvement on your current financial situation

•A high debt to income ratio, but not too much that it would prevent you from providing a budget to pay and reduce your outstanding debts

•You may have landed a job that pays well, yet you have not been there long enough for lenders to consider your source of income as stable enough for them to trust you to repay the mortgage

•You could also be self-employed, yet you have not established sufficient track record to earn the trust of lenders

What Fees will you be Paying?

The fees involved in rent to own properties are typically light. However, you really have to be sure that you intend to purchase the property eventually because there are non-refundable fees included.

homeRent to own real estate properties come with lease option fees in order for you to secure your purchasing rights to the property. This lease option fee stands at 1% to 3% of the total purchase price, and you cannot refund this if you decide to move out.

Aside from the lease option fee, you will also pay for rent credits, which are a portion of the monthly rent fee you pay which go down to your down-payment once you decide to buy. If you decide to move out, it is also a way for the landlord to make up for the loss they have experienced when the property was out of the market.

If you do not buy the property in the end, you will have wasted hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on non-refundable fees, as well as rent credits.

To sum it up, renting to own is not the ideal setup for everyone. In fact, it is not even the best option for a lot of people. Not only will you have a limited selection of homes, but you will also be subject to paying fees which you will not be able to refund if you decide to bail out.

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